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Real Time Continuous Environmental Monitoring System

Play around with the different options to design your own Rotronic Monitoring System (RMS). The price will change accordingly (CHF prices only valid for Switzerland).

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Environmental Monitoring:

The Rotronic Monitoring System is used to monitor applications where environmental conditions are critical and where preventive alarming is required. Historical and real time data can directly be accessed via the system and exported either in .pdf or .csv format.

Software features: Chart view, table view, layout, dashboard, data analysis, calibration/adjustment, setup.

S < 10 Measurement points:

The S system is really designed for networks where only a few measuring points are required to monitor strategic areas.

3 years:

Lease environmental data for a period of 3 years. Parameters monitored include temperature (-200...200°C), relative humidity (0...100%rh), carbon dioxide (0...20%), pressure, differential pressure (-500...500Pa), light (dark or light), particles (0.5...10um)... (Other parameters also available on request). RMS also offers the opportunity to monitor digital and analogue inputs.

Public Cloud:

The Public Cloud is hosted within an ISO270001 accredited data center in Switzerland. A virtual server is setup to meet Rotronic's exact demands in terms of data integrity and security. All of Rotronic's cloud customers are located in the same public cloud. All descisions made for the server are carried out based upon Rotronic's requirements.

Combination of LAN and Wireless:

Wired advantages: Data stored on the logger with a backup battery, PoE and 24V power supply, No loss of communication for high-risk applications, Link up to the existing Ethernet network. Wireless advantages: Data stored on the logger with a battery backup and 24V power supply, Redundant or parallel operation with various gateways, Decrease wiring costs, No more looking for errors in cabling, Projects accomplished faster due to no cable requirements, Easy to relocated physical measuring points, Fast and easy implementation of new measuring points, Monitor mobile equipment, 868 or 915 MHz, No interference with the WiFi network. Wireless Limitiations: The wireless path length is limited based upon the application, Security limitations, Certain obstacles such as walls, gates, racks, human beings, block wireless signals, Other electronics devices, the rate of frequency and the height from the ground can hinder wireless signals, Faraday cage effect, Network less stable and less efficient than a wired one, Operation rule: the nearer, the more robust, File sharing transfer speed (upload and download), Country specific frequencies.

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