Automotive & Aerospace

There are many different applications for humidity and temperature monitoring in the automotive and aerospace industries:

Engine monitoring

Test cells for engine monitoring. Mass balance and efficiency assessment. Used by engine builders and fuel suppliers (oil, petrol, etc.). In the case of jet engines: weather stations to measure intake air conditions.

Testing of vehicle components

Accelerated testing of vehicle components to simulate lifetime under changing weather conditions.

Air conditioning control

Air conditioning control in vehicles. Design-specific applications.

Tire production

A tire consists of various layers - even if only the typical rubber part can be seen. Monitoring of relative humidity and temperature plays an important role in production: when mixing the rubber mass, in the manufacture of the fabric and steel mesh and during calendering, i.e. bonding of the rubber with the fabric and steel mesh.

Vehicle emissions

Vehicle emissions and operational testing. Drive-in environmental chambers for testing of vehicles and components. Also for military aircraft, weaponry, munitions, torpedoes, rockets, etc.

Electronic components

Accelerated testing of electronic components. Environmental chambers with rapidly changing climate conditions, stress tests.

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Recommended products

  1. HygroPalm - HP21 - Handheld

    The HP21 is the ideal instrument for humidity and temperature measurements in simple applications. The integrated HC2 probe guarantees measuring results of the highest accuracy. Learn More
  2. HC2A-S - Humidity Probe

    The HC2-S / HC2-S3 is the most versatile probe from ROTRONIC and forms the basis of the product portfolio. It measures humidy and temperature and calculates the dew/frost point. Learn More
  3. HygroFlex5 - HF5 - HVAC TRANSMITTER

    The HygroFlex5-series is the latest development in measurement transmitters. Measures humidity, temperature and dew point. This measuring device calculates all the psychrometric parameters in the fields of pharmaceuticals, food, HVAC and across Industry. One outstanding feature of this measurement device is the possibility to output any psychrometric calculation as an analogue or digital signal. Learn More

    High quality standards in production and storage necessitate a comprehensive monitoring system that delivers measured data reliably. The adaptive RMS Rotronic Monitoring System is the perfect solution for a wide range of applications.

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