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Real-time monitoring in use for cannabis

Real-time monitoring in use for cannabis

Canopy Growth is one of Canada’s largest Cannabis producers, in business since 2014. One of the brands that is part of the Canopy Growth Corporation is Tweed, located in Smiths Falls, Ontario. Rotronic was contacted for its Real-Time Environment Monitoring system called RMS. Due to the requirements of export, GMP and CFR compliance, Tweed selected Rotronic to be its partner for monitoring.

How did the project start?

Canopy Growth’s existing system for rh and temperature monitoring was limited, reporting only could be done from a centralized location, not easy to scale and had no means of adding in other parameters. In 2017, the cannabis producer turned to pharmaceutical metrology specialist Rotronic, a solution was needed to monitor the environmental conditions such as humidity, temperature, differential pressure, C02, O2, ethanol and particle counting.

To win the business and the confidence of Tweed, Rotronic installed a test system that measured Rh, temperature and differential pressure for two months without a single issue. This convinced Tweed that Rotronic and RMS was the right solution to meet GxP and CFR compliance.

What are the advantages of the RMS?

The Rotronic Monitoring System supports Tweed to meet the requirements of risk management, compliance with regulations and in general give better insight into their operations. The central 24/7, real-time monitoring brings high security and savings through automatic reporting. Historical data can be retrieved and analyzed at any time. Alarming of various measuring points reduces product loss and increases worker safety.

Monitored parameter following the production process at Tweed

Application Trimming
Parameter: RH, T, ΔP
Requirement (not exhaustive): Positive pressure in the harvesting room prevents contamination of valuable plants. Relative humidity and temperature are monitored to keep the room at proper environmental conditions.

Application Drying
Parameter: RH, T
Requirement (not exhaustive): Maintain optimal drying conditions.

Application Oil extraction
Parameter: RH, T, CO2, ΔP
Requirement (not exhaustive): Compliance is the main concern along with safety due to CO2 extraction. Excessive CO2 concentration is harmful to your health.

Application AES Extraction Room
Parameter: RH, T, CO2, ΔP
Requirement (not exhaustive): Compliance is the main concern along with safety due to CO2 extraction. Excessive CO2 concentration is harmful to your health.

Application Encapsulation
Parameter: RH, T, ΔP, particle counting
Requirement (not exhaustive): Gel caps produced in this room, strict standards need to be maintained.

Application Oil Packaging
Parameter: RH, T, ΔP
Requirement (not exhaustive): Oil product being packaged. Pressure in the room is positive to prevent contamination.

Application Pre-Pack
Parameter: RH, T, ΔP
Requirement (not exhaustive): Plant Product being packaged. Pressure is positive to prevent contamination.

Application Micro Lab
Parameter: RH, T, ΔP
Requirement (not exhaustive): Various testing performed on raw material and finished product. Pressure in room is negative in order not to allow the air in the lab to escape.

Application Dealer Licensing Area (DLA)
Parameter: RH, T, C02, particle counting, O2, ΔP
Requirement (not exhaustive): New products are developed in this area using a variety of methods and equipment.

Application DLA Vault
Parameter: RH, T
Requirement (not exhaustive): Maintain optimal temperature and humidity for product stored in vault.

Application Breeding
Parameter: T
Requirement (not exhaustive): Fridge and incubator need to have the perfect temperature.

Application Vault
Parameter: RH, T
Requirement (not exhaustive): Warehouse conditions, product needs to be kept in optimal environmental condition.