Eaton Enclosure Power Distribution Unit – ePDU
Eaton ePDUs are enclosure based Power Distribution Units, designed specifically for the IT Data Centre environment. Eaton ePDUs complement your UPS systems, distributing power anywhere conditioned power must be supplied to multiple pieces of equipment. ePDUs are available in single and dual chassis, Basic, Metered, Monitored and Managed technology options and with country specific outlets.

Two trends are emerging for data centre devices. They are growing smaller, yet requiring high-density power. On the other hand, lower-density equipment demands higher power. The new Eaton Enclosure Power Distribution Units – ePDUs – provide the solution for both needs.

Superior power quality depends on efficient power distribution. With today’s small-size devices, a single rack of equipment might produce 40 or more power cords to manage. Eaton ePDUs complement your UPS systems, distributing power in high-density rack environments—or anywhere conditioned power must be distributed to multiple pieces of equipment. From a single power input, you can manage and distribute power to multiple outlets, whether you’re using a UPS from Eaton or another manufacturer.

Wide choice of models
The Eaton ePDU family includes models with a variety of power inputs and outputs to fit most power requirements. You can select from UK, Schuko, French and IEC (C13 & C19) type output receptacles and local (UK or Schuko), EN 60309 or unterminated cords for termination directly to the output terminals of the UPS.

Eaton Powerware

Manufacturer Eaton Powerware
Power Capacity 16 & 30A
Construction 19"
Input Voltage 230VAC
Output Voltage 230VAC

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