CO2 Transmitters

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a colorless and odorless gas that exists in the earth's atmosphere and which is dangerous in high concentrations. The proportion of CO2 in natural ambient air is about 0.04 % or 400 ppm. When humans and animals exhale this gas, it is quickly mixed with the ambient air, including in rooms that are well ventilated.
A high CO2 content becomes apparent in humans through rapid fatigue and loss of concentration. The negative effects become noticeable more quickly in small rooms in which there are many people (e.g. conference rooms).

In order to initiate suitable countermeasures such as an increase in the supply of fresh air, it is important in modern climate control systems to measure not only parameters such as relative humidity and temperature, but also the CO2 content. The concentration of CO2 is regarded as an important indicator for the quality of room air.

  1. CF1 - Type R - CH
  2. CF5-D / -Disp

    CF5-D / -Disp

    Installed in the climate zone.

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  3. CF8 - CH


    Model CO (Carbon Monoxide) is suitable for closed rooms in which a combustion process takes place. Learn More