HygroGen2 - Humidity Generator - Humidity Calibrator

  1. HygroGen2 - CH

    HygroGen2 - HG2-XL - Humidity Calibrator

    Humidity and temperature generators for calibration of humidity and temperature measuring instruments. Calibrates multiple probes simultaneously. Large chamber volume with shelves, up to 8 probes can be calibrated simultaneously, multiple small loggers can be calibrated. Learn More
  2. HygroGen2 - CH

    HygroGen2 - HG2-S - Humidity Generator

    Portable humidity and temperature calibrator. Generates stable humidity and temperature conditions for a wide range of customer set-points. HygroGen2 is a world leading temperature and humidity calibration solution for use both in the laboratory and also on site. Easy to set up and use. Calibrates multiple probes simultaneously (any manufacturer). Time saving, stable and minimal thermal gradients. Learn More
  3. AutoCal


    HygroGen2 optional feature for automated calibration. Learn More
  4. Range Extension

    Range Extension

    Optional temperature and humidity range extension for HygroGen2. Learn More