EX probes

  1. HC2-SM-EX


    Standard HygroClip2 EX Probe, Ø15 x 104 mm Learn More
  2. HC2-IM-EX


    HygroClip2 EX cable probe, Ø15 x 125/285 mm, cable lengths 2/5/10 metres Learn More
  3. HC2-IE-EX


    HygroClip2 EX screw-in cable probe, cable lengths 2/5/10 metres, with ½“ G/NPT thread Learn More
  4. HC2-LDP-EX

    HC2-LDP-EX - Low Dew Point Probe

    Low dew point probe. Reliable measurement of trace moisture.

    Highly accurate dew point and temperature measurement. Withstands pressures up to 100 bar.

    Learn More