Remote Environmental Monitoring

Remote Environmental Monitoring

The RMS software is a web based server software, linked to an SQL database that will allow for you to access your data from anywhere in the world. Rotronic offer two solutions, either a cloud based solution with the data collected in Switzerland or a server based solution that can be installed on a server anywhere in the world. The Rotronic devices are all setup on a LAN network (the wireless devices via a Gateway that is also connected to the LAN). The database can be accessed with smartphones, tablets and all PCs with a web browser. Visualization and alarming are therefore possible worldwide and on all common platforms.

Data security, data integrity, data availability: these three terms play a central role in monitoing systems. The RMS reassuringly scores in all these fields.

Data security
Data security means the data cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons. This is achieved through encryption during data transfer and storage.
Data Security in RMS: The monitoring system provides encryption of the data during transfer. This means the data can neither be tapped or manipulated by so-called retry attacks. The security of the stored database in RMS is ensured by the IT structure. The Rotronic Cloud is protected by certified IT data centers. If the database is located in the customer's server center, the customer defines the security infrastructure.

Data Availability
For some manufacturar's systems, data availability can contradict data security because secure data are difficult to access. The user must authenticate themselves and use secure connections or verified platforms. Nevertheless, the trend is clearly moving towards worldwide data accessibility allowing platform-independent viewing and evaluation.
Availability of Data Centers: Thanks to the server database and Server Software, very high availability of the data is already implemented in the basic concept of the Rotronic RMS. The data can be viewed without problem from anywhere in the world with all conventional devices. Security is guaranteed by user rights and authentication.

Data Integrity
Ensuring data integrity means guaranteeing secure transmission and storage. A measured value must not change during transmission because of disruptions. Data transmission and storage must therefore be safe from manipulation. This is achieved with CRC checksums and intermediate storage during data transmission. In this way, faulty data communication is recognized and the data stored in the buffer memory are sent again until the transmission has been finished.
Data Integrity in RMS: All data in RMS are sent with CRC checksums and confirmed by the recipient after receipt. Faulty data transmission is thus ruled out. Should the data not arrive with the recipient, they are stored intermediately by the logger and can then be transmitted at a later point in time when the connection has been restored.

  • Monitor any parameter (Rotronic products, integration of 3rd party analogue and digital devices)
  • Log between 10s and 15 minutes
  • World wide data access
  • Highest flexibility in terms of software setup
  • SaaS or server based solutions
  • FDA CFR 21 Part 11 compliant software

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