Third Party Device Integration

The Rotronic Monitoring System allows for the integration of 3rd party devices via various channels.


RMS-ADC-L-R and RMS-MADC-868/915-A/V for analogue signal integration:

  • 0…1V
  • 0…5V
  • 0…10V
  • 0…20mA
  • 4…20mA

Digital Protocols

RMS-CONVERTER-100 for digital signal integration:

  • RO-ASCII (Rotronic specific protocol for conventional Rotronic products)

The MODBUS TCP editor function of the RMS-CONVERTER-100 allows the user to program most MODBUS TCP protocols and them to the RMS software. A list of MODBUS TCP devices that have been integrated can be found on the forum. A special page has been designed for the integration of particle counters.

A list of devices that are integrated as a standard can be found here:


Use the RMS-DO-L-R to switch 3rd party devices on or off.


Use the API connection in RMS to integrate devices generated from various data sources. Rotronic have developed the RMS-JSON-API software to extract data from sources such as: - LoRa devices via TheThingsNetwork. - Memmert Climatic Chamber details via the AtmoWEB. - Weather Details from the OpenWeatherMap. The RMS-JSON-API software can be programmed to integrate devices from other sources on demand. Please read our user manual for more details.
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