Roline ProSecure III 1000 - 3000VA

ProSecure II: Power supply protection against all types of power problems for servers, communication equipment, telephone exchanges, industrial control systems etc. Technology: Online UPS system Range: 700 - 3000 VA Voltage: 230 VAC - 50Hz Bridging time: 5 - 9 min. Features: The ProSecure II UPS range excels in terms of reliability, flexibility and performance. Thanks to the online technology and the integrated UPSMON management software the ProSecure provides reliable and secure protection of connected equipment in the IT sector and industry. It is small, compact, relatively quiet for an online UPS system and fits everywhere without getting in the way. Online Design The ProSecure II operates continuously in accordance with the double converter principle. It takes care of the processing of the mains power and supplies an uninterruptible and interference-free voltage for equipment critical to operations. In addition to supplying the connected equipment the UPS system also keeps the internal batteries charged. In the case of a mains failure or interruption the UPS system continues to provide an uninterrupted supply voltage to the connected equipment. High-Performance Overvoltage Protection The high-performance overvoltage protection circuits protect your connected equipment against serious damage. Active EMI/RFI Interference Filters Electrical RF interference can corrupt or destroy your data, software crashes are possible at any time and malfunctions can occur. Thanks to the active EMI/RFI filters these effects are successfully prevented. We would be glad to advise you on selection of the system best suited to your needs. Just give us a call or send us an email.
Manufacturer ROLINE
Technology Online / Double Conversion
Power Capacity 1000 - 3000VA
Construction Tower & 19"
Input Voltage 230VAC
Output Voltage 230VAC

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