Roline DesignSecure 525 - 2000VA

Designed for low-cost basic power protection for individual PCs and workstations the ROLINE PersonalSecure protects your equipment against three of the nine general power problems. The compact design of the PersonalSecure allows it to be installed on the desktop, either upright or on its side and next to or away from the PC. Its typical bridging time of 6 minutes is more than long enough to let you save your data and perform a controlled shutdown of the PC. In addition you can install the supplied software which automatically closes your applications if the supply voltage remains interrupted for more than a configurable time. Product features: - Compact, quiet and user-friendly - Two battery-buffered outputs - One filtered output - Short-circuit and overload protection - ABM (Advanced Battery Management) - Shutdown software included - Technology: Standby - Range: 525 VA, 625 VA and 825 VA - Voltage: 230 VAC - 50Hz - Bridging time: 3 - 6 min. - Typical applications: Stand-alone PCs, Workstations, Telecommunication Included in delivery: UPS, set of cables, management software.
Manufacturer ROLINE
Technology Line Interactive
Power Capacity 525 - 1200VA
Construction Tower
Input Voltage 230VAC
Output Voltage 230VAC

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