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Decontamination: Rotronic probes for Amira

Decontamination: Rotronic probes for Amira

Amira offers solutions for the pharmaceutical industry and for research centers. For their BioReset decontamination product line, the company chose the extremely robust Rotronic HygroClip2 probes.

The Amira company, located in the Province of Brianza, Italy produces devices and machines for use in various sectors, including pharmaceuticals and research centers. The BioReset line of instruments has been developed, patented, and realized in the course of the last few years, and is marketed worldwide. These instruments are for bio-decontamination using hydrogen peroxide vapor, a technology that allows a wide range of bacteria, viruses, and molds to be eradicated, even at low temperature, and without negative effects on the treated environment. The reason for this is that the corrosive effect of hydrogen peroxide is minimized in its gaseous state.

"Rotronic products are renowned for their reliability."

Angelo Delmiglio, Amira s.r.l., Italy

To ensure that the vapor does not re-condense, Amira integrate specific sensors in their solutions that allow temperature, humidity, and dewpoint inside the treated rooms to be monitored with extreme precision. These Rotronic sensors are resistant to the corrosive effects of hydrogen peroxide.

Reliability and precision

“We had no doubts whatsoever about the choice of components to be used in these areas,” says Angelo Delmiglio, founder and CEO of Amira, who has known and valued Rotronic solutions for over 25 years. “Rotronic products are renowned for their reliability. Thorough comparisons have shown that these products, even in specific cases, are optimally suited to provide the necessary precision and repeatability of the processes.”

From among the many solutions that Rotronic offers for decontamination with hydrogen peroxide, Amira decided in favor of the HygroClip2 (HC2) probe. Thanks to their housing made from corrosion resistant material (polycarbonate or chrome steel, depending on the model), these probes are especially suitable and, with their extreme precision and short response times, ideal for the pharmaceutical industry.

International pharmaceutical companies rely on Amira solutions, and in all applications of this kind, the Amira devices, thanks in part to the high quality of the components used in them, are 100% capable of meeting the customers’ expectations.