RMS Probes - Choice of of digital RMS Probes

The digital RMS probes have been developed in line with the latest engineering developments. With minimal current consumption, they measure environmental conditions within a few milliseconds and boast high accuracy. The new probe generation therefore fulfills the requirements for long battery life and quick response times during measurement – and this without any loss in Rotronic's renowned measurement accuracy.

  1. HCD-S - Humidity and Temperature Probe

    HCD-S - Humidity and Temperature Probe

    The HCD-S is a completely digital probe designed for the Rotronic Monitoring System RMS. It measures humidity and temperature and calculates the dew/frost point.

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  2. CCD-S-XX

    CCD-S - RMS CO2 Probe

    The Compact CO2 Probe

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  3. PCD-S

    PCD-S - RMS Differential Pressure Probe

    The compact differential pressure probe with flow or diaphragm sensor technology Learn More