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  1. 09.01.2020

    Better control for biocontrol

    The latest Rotronic Monitoring System installation with associated data loggers and HygroClip probes helps UK-based Bioline Agrosciences optimize its production of invertebrate biocontrol organisms software with ideal growth conditions, enhanced batch control and more responsive monitoring.

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  2. 07.01.2020

    Real-time monitoring in use for cannabis

    Canopy Growth is one of Canada’s largest Cannabis producers, in business since 2014.

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  3. 21.10.2019

    PF4/5 Update

    New differential pressure transmitter series optionally with flow (PF4) or diaphragm sensor technology (PF5)

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  4. 10.05.2019

    We congratulate Celgene for its FOYA Award

    Our customer Celgene was awarded the “facility of the year award (FOYA) 2019" in the sustainability category. Rotronic is proud to be listed as supply partner for automation and control. Learn More
  5. 06.05.2019

    New chilled mirror hygrometer with all-new sensor set: faster, more accurate and more rugged!

    As a member of the PST Group, Rotronic launches the new Michell Instruments dew point mirror in Switzerland. The new Optidew range offers the fastest response to changes in humidity of any chilled mirror instrument on the market.

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