Emergency Power Diesel Generators

We build and supply emergency power systems in different versions in co-operation with our partner Senn AG.

The supply of emergency power gains in significance as power failure cannot be afforded by the economy, administration or the health service. The loss of data within the high-tech range, in the communication and the everyday supply can have enormous economic consequences.

Therefore an emergency power generator is essential in many public and private sectors. They must offer absolute security and reliability. The uninterruptible emergency power generators make sure that electrically powered devices and components being at risk will always be supplied with constant voltage and frequency.

Outputs of 1,5 kVA until 2000 kVA.

  • For stationary use in buildings, transportable, mobile
  • For manual or automatic start
  • Net parallel operation for test run or peak load
  • With weather protection cover and noise-reduced
  • Various possibilities for aggregates regarding fuel supply
  • Cooling / ventilation
  • Exhaust systems / diesel particle filters

Range of use:

  • Hospitals
  • Transport companies
  • Building companies
  • Banks
  • Administrations
  • Prisons
  • Hotels
  • Shopping centres
  • Public facilities
  • Exhibitions
  • Private sector

Several types of emergency power generators are available:

  • Sound-isolated for the assembly in external areas
  • With integrated tank, alternatively with connection to an existing tank
  • Assembly and measurement of the exhaust system with filters
  • Air supply and outgoing air evaluation
  • Basic frames made of steel for best stability
  • Control of the aggregates with most modern control systems
  • Potential free contacts for the transmission of alarms
  • Meccalte generators
  • Power network synchronization is possible

Rotronic will gladly advise you on the best solution for your requirements:

  • Projects, cost estimates and quoting offers according to your documents and desires.
  • All aggregates will be tested at the factory of our partner.
  • Supply and assembly of the complete emergency power generator, inclusive fuel supply, exhaust system, cooling and ventilation, noise control.
  • Periodical service of the engine and control system for high readiness of the emergency power generator.

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