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UPS solutions

ROTRONIC AG can offer you an extensive range of UPS products and services, including power outputs from 250 VA to 1100 kVA, standalone and 19" rack models, single and three phase inputs and outputs, redundant systems, external battery systems, static transfer switches, standby batteries, and the matching accessories.

The importance of emergency power supplies is growing day by day. Nobody can afford a power outage, not the economy, nor administration, nor the health sectors. The loss of data on the high tech sector, in communications, or everyday supplies can have huge consequences for the economy. For this very reason, UPSs and standby diesel generators have become indispensable to many companies and interests on both the public and private sectors. They must provide absolute safety and reliability. Uninterruptible power supplies make sure that electric equipment and high risk components are always supplied with a constant voltage at a constant frequency.

Protect your components from power outages, over- and undervoltage, voltage fluctuations, frequency interference, voltage distortions, spikes, transients, and high harmonics.

A UPS is designed to bridge a varying number of malfunctions in accordance with its protection class (3-5-9). Depending on the application, a UPS can utilise one of the following technologies.

  • Offline/standby UPS VDF protection class 3 (VDF: voltage + frequency dependent)
  • Line Interactive UPS VI protection class 5 (VI: voltage + independent)
  • Online UPS VFI protection class 9 (VFI: voltage + frequency independent)

Exact technical details can be found under: Technical Information

Long operating times are possible with standby diesel generators.

A standby diesel generator can power your equipment for a very long time following a power failure. When this is combined with a UPS, you will have a system that can easily compensate for both short and very long power losses.

Standby diesel generators can be installed both inside and outside of a building. It is important to clarify the conditions with the relevant authorities.

Batteries, battery systems, and accessories.

Batteries are the heart of each and every UPS. We offer batteries manufactured by SSB, YUASA, and CSB. Most of the usual models are available ex stock. We can also provide you with special batteries and the matching terminal caps, connectors, and disconnectors. We can calculate external battery units of any size and for any UPS, whether open shelf or closed cabinet. And of course, besides the planning, our speciality also includes the installation.

Planning, servicing, and maintenance of UPSs.

In addition to our UPSs, we can also offer you the complete range of services:

  • project engineering and planning
  • installation, commissioning
  • dismantling and proper disposal of old UPSs
  • maintenance and servicing
  • hotline, support
  • troubleshooting
  • maintenance agreements

Details can be found under: Maintenance/support