Special Applications

Voltage protection for various applications

The usual voltage issues include power outage, under- or overvoltage, transients, high frequency noise, frequency fluctuations, and high harmonics. We can offer you a wide range of UPS solutions based on three different technologies and safeguarding a continuous voltage supply during diverse voltage problems and failures.

We can also tailor UPS functions and operations specifically to any one of your applications.

Startup current limitation

A 3-3 phase 8 kVA UPS is installed in a small mountain railway station. The supply line runs over a cable previously installed from the bottom station.
The components installed in the top station (here a radio transmitter) were to be protected by a UPS that delivers both clean power during fluctuations and emergency power in the event of outage.
Replacing and enlarging the existing cable would have involved enormous expense.
The problem lies in the line's short circuit behaviour and its miniature circuit breaker (selectivity), both when battery mode is switched to normal mode (battery charger kicks in) and when internal bypass mode is activated under a possible overload.

The solution involved modifying the UPS firmware that then limits the UPS startup current. This helped to resolve the above problems and so eliminate the costs for replacing the existing line.

Automatic activation and deactivation

A single phase UPS is used in a train for the measuring equipment because the applied voltage fluctuates and sometimes fails briefly. The driver's cab has a master switch that can deactivate all components when they are not in use.

The customer now wished that the UPS automatically switches itself on and off when the master switch is pressed.

The solution took the form of a relay board with input contacts.

UPSs with 230 VAC and UL certificate
The customer wished to use a 230 VAC UPS in the USA. Before he could do so, the UPS had to be UL certificated.

This itself did not pose a problem: we can offer a great many systems, not only with the CE symbol, but also on request with UL, 120 VAC, 60 Hz, etc.

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