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Differential pressure – explained simply!

Differential pressure – explained simply!

Monitoring differential pressure is important in many production processes and vital in medical facilities including operating theaters. It is also essential wherever small differ-ences in pressure can have a significant effect, for example in cleanrooms for the production of sensitive electronic components laboratories as well as applications in research and development; also in the HVAC sector. Rotronic manufactures transmitters with analogue and digital outputs and cleanroom panels together with a range of accessories for the measurement of differential pressure.

Generation of a vacuum or positive pressure results in a pressure differential. It is important to measure this differential pressure and monitor it constantly. There are two common measurement principles for this (mass flow and diaphragm sensor strain gauge). Both have their advantages and disadvantages. To give customers the highest possible flexibility, Rotronic offers a series of  high precision instruments for the measurement of differential pressure by both principles. Since the parameters relative humidity and temperature also often need to be monitored at the same time, Rotronic differential pressure measuring instruments are optionally available with temperature probes and humidity sensors or can be enhanced with digital and analog  interfaces to include additional parameters. Rotronic thus offers measurement solutions to ensure climatically stable storage, production and environmental conditions.

Explain-it video on differential pressure
Rotronic outlines the principle of differential pressure and its importance in various applications in a short video. Using examples, it explains why vacuum and positive pressures are generated in rooms and what effects differential pressure has in both directions. It explains why electronic components are manufactured in cleanrooms with a positive pressure and why some medical facilities need a negative air pressure. The video provides a concise overview  on the importance of differential pressure.