Equipped with an automatic sensor heater, it is activated cyclically and prevents condensation on the sensor.

The HC2-S(3)-HEATED is suitable for use wherever high humidity with the possibility of condensation is present. Typically, when condensation occurs long dry out periods are required or false readings are measured. This is often the case in environmental chambers, food manufacturing, tunnels/caves and many other applications.

• Measures relative humidity, temperature and dew point
• Outstanding accuracy and repeatability
• Automatic heating function
• Eliminates of condensation
• SMD Thermo sensor element

Probe type Humidity and temperature probe
Range of application -50...+100 °C / 0...100 %RH
Accuracy at 23 ±5 °C ±1.3 %rh / ±0.15 K
Power supply 3.2...5.0 VDC (adjusted at 3.3 VDC)
Current consumption <35 mA at VDD = 3.3 VDC / <60 mA at VDD = 5 VDC
Long-term stability < 1 %RH/year / < 0.1 °C/year
Heating capacity +3 °C above normal temperature
Heating mode Interval
Heating period 1 min.
Measurement period 1 min.
Measuring-heating-cooling cycle 6 min.
Heating element SMD Thermo
Humidity sensor SMD Thermo
Temperature sensor SMD Thermo (Pt100)
Probe protection Polycarbonate plastic cage
Filter cartridge Polyethylene dust filter, gray, 20 um
Maximum wind velocity 3 m/s, without filter; 20 m/s, with polyethylene filter
Response time Typically 8 s, 63 % of a step change from 95 to 45 %RH (1 m/s air flow at sensor, without filter)
Housing Polycarbonate
IP protection rating IP65
FDA/GAMP compatibility Yes
CE / EMC conform 2004/108/EC
Maintenance Annual calibration recommended
Dimensions Ø15 x 85 mm

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