CO2 – Measurement and Monitoring of Carbon Dioxide in Rooms


Room air monitoring is usually limited to humidity and temperature. Especially in times of a pandemic, measuring and monitoring CO2 is also very important. Correct ventilation in crowded rooms, will significantly reduce the risk of infections including the coronavirus. But when is the best time to ventilate? The carbon dioxide level (“parts per million” ppm) is the key indicator! Find out in the following video why monitoring of CO2 is generally important for our well-being and to judge the room air quality. video not visible? Try this link: - ROTRONIC What is CO2 and how is it measured?

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a colorless and odorless gas that can only be detected with a measuring instrument and which is deadly in high concentrations. Rotronic CO2 transmitters are equipped with sensitive probes and are ideal for the demanding monitoring of indoor air. They simultaneously measure temperature and air humidity and are installed in climate zones or ventilation ducts for ventilation control in order to monitor indoor air quality continuously.

CO2 measuring instruments are also used to monitor air quality in underground car parks and tunnels, and perform valuable service in glasshouses, incubators and warehouses.

Recommended Products for CO2 measurement:

  1. CP11 - Handheld Instrument for CO2, Humidity and Temperature

    CP11 - Handheld Instrument for CO2, Humidity and Temperature

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  3. CO2 Display - EN

    CO2 Display

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  4. CF1 - Type R