MBW Calibration

ROTRONIC UK is a reseller for MBW Calibration, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chilled mirror hygrometers.

At the very highest level of measurement, National Standards Laboratories, MBW chilled mirror hygrometers are considered to be the most accurate, reliable and consistent humidity measurement technology available. They are a primary reference standard against which other sensors are calibrated.

As well as calibration laboratories, MBW chilled mirrors are used in meteorological applications, chemistry laboratories and throughout processing, manufacturing, engineering and storage industries across a dew/frost point range of -95°Cfp to +95°Cdp and pressures up to 200 bar.

  1. MBW 373

    MBW 373

    The MBW 373 Dew Point Mirror is the MBW flagship chilled mirror hygrometer which exploits advances in digital electronics technology to satisfy the highest requirements in the measurement of humidity. As a true laboratory reference instrument, the 373 is the primary transfer standard in use at nearly every National Metrology Institute (NMI) in the world. The 373 is available in a number of different versions across ranges from -95°Cfp to +95°Cdp as well as a high pressure model that operates up to 200 bar. All options include controlled heated sample and return ports and dual mirror PRTs. Learn More
  2. MBW T12

    MBW T12

    The MBW T12 is a highly precise and stable platinum resistance thermometer (PRT) based multichannel temperature measurement system. Using a custom designed high quality measurement circuit, 24-bit analogue to digital converters and multiplexor sampling, the T12 provides 12 channels of low uncertainty temperature data for validation and calibration engineers. When used with an MBW chilled mirror, the accompanying PC software logs and plots live temperature and dew point measurements and calculates RH on the fly, providing the most versatile chamber validation tool available. Learn More
  3. MBW 473

    MBW 473

    The MBW 473 Dew Point Mirror is a portable chilled mirror hygrometer for measuring dew/frost point and temperature with a choice of remote measuring heads: a sampling head for use in chambers, and a probe format for pipes or as a reference for the ROTRONIC HygroGen2 portable temperature and humidity generator – the RP2 head fits through the door into working volume of the chamber. Learn More
  4. MBW 573

    MBW 573

    The MBW 573 Dew Point Mirror is a high performance 19” rack format chilled mirror hygrometer with an integrated measurement head, pressure sensor, sample pump and flow meter for continuous precision monitoring of frost/dew point. The 573 is designed as a drop-in replacement for the old analogue DP series, with identical rear panel connections with adaptable gas flows paths and a controlled heated sample port. Various models are available across ranges from -60°Cfp to +95°Cdp. Learn More
  5. MBW 973

    MBW 973

    The MBW 973 Dew Point Mirror is a portable chilled mirror hygrometer with an integrated measuring head for making spot-checks or continuous measurements of dew/frost point, pressure and temperature. Application specific options are available including internal sample pump and external PRT, and a choice of couplings for compressed air lines. Learn More
  6. MBW 973-SF6

    MBW 973-SF6

    The MBW 973-SF6 Analyzer was specifically designed for the measurement of humidity and SF6 purity in gas insulated switchgear systems. Humidity measurement data is displayed in ppmv, ppmw and dew/frost point at either system pressure or standard pressure. Purity measurement is displayed directly in % volume SF6, with addition SO2 concentration measurement. Both the humidity and purity measurements utilise accurate and reliable condensation techniques, and the integrated gas capture system ensures completely emission-free operation Learn More
  7. MBW Support

    MBW Consultancy, application support and servicing

    The specification, supply and support of chilled mirror instruments requires high levels of technical expertise and experience. In partnership with MBW Switzerland, ROTRONIC are able to advise on the best solution for any application and provide ongoing Application Support, Maintenance and Servicing. Learn More