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  1. 17.8.2020

    Stable Monitoring for Stable Measurements

    Q1 Scientific provide world class stability storage facilities for the pharmaceutical, medical device and life sciences industries. As a dedicated provider of stability storage Q1 Scientific understand the needs and requirements of their clients. Their purpose built facility houses over 60 modern stability rooms operating at a wide range of conditions all operating within strict pharmaceutical regulations. Operating since 2012 Q1 Scientific have won multiple awards and proven themselves as a pioneer within the Irish industry.

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  2. 18.5.2020

    Real-time monitoring system – developed with the pharmaceutical industry for the pharmaceutical industry

    When customers and developers engage in a lively exchange, third parties also benefit. As was the case with Novartis and the Rotronic Monitoring System.

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  3. 28.4.2020

    Mold prevention in listed church with the Rotronic Monitoring System RMS

    The Protestant-reformed church of Mönchaltdorf is fighting mold of the genus Aspergillus glaucus. The fungus, which decomposes wood, is causing problems, among other things, on the ceiling of the more than 500-year-old building and to its organ. The solution: the RMS Rotronic Monitoring System, which monitors temperature and humidity continuously in order to control the quality of room air and minimize mold growth.

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  4. 3.1.2020

    Real-time monitoring in use for cannabis

    Canopy Growth is one of Canada’s largest Cannabis producers, in business since 2014. One of the brands that is part of the Canopy Growth Corporation is Tweed, located in Smiths Falls, Ontario. Rotronic was contacted for its Real-Time Environment Monitoring system called RMS. Due to the requirements of export, GMP and CFR compliance, Tweed selected Rotronic to be its partner for monitoring.

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  5. 30.9.2019

    Better control for biocontrol

    The latest Rotronic Monitoring System installation with associated data loggers and HygroClip probes helps UK-based Bioline Agrosciences optimize its production of invertebrate biocontrol organisms software with ideal growth conditions, enhanced batch control and more responsive monitoring.

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