Ceramic & Bricks

High quality and efficiency in the manufacture of ceramics and bricks are based on humidity and temperature monitoring in the production process.

Ceramic molds are dried before baking. This process is a tricky point in the production of ceramics. On the one hand it should proceed gently and slowly so that the product castings do not deform or crack. On the other hand the manufacturers are interested in keeping the production times as low as possible.

The best and fastest drying results can only be achieved if the temperature and humidity in the drying furnace are monitored and controlled permanently. A typical drying process varies from about 35 °C to 120 °C, beginning at a low temperature and rising steadily as the raw ceramic product dries. Due to continuous measurement of the humidity in the drying furnace, it is possible to determine and control the drying stage of the ceramic products.

Exact control of the drying process minimizes rejects and energy consumption, thus guaranteeing consistent product quality. Ceramic drying processes can take several days. The humidity and temperature sensors must therefore have good long-term stability and deliver exact measurements even at high temperatures.

The glazing process takes place at temperatures from 850 - 1000 °C. At these temperatures the right humidity again also plays a role as a perfect finish can only be obtained in the presence of moisture (steam injection), measured as absolute humidity.

In the manufacture of industrial ceramics by ceramic injection molding, low dew point is, in addition to humidity and temperature, also an important parameter. Control of it helps to store raw material in the optimal quality for processing.

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