Climate monitoring is indispensable in medical fields. For example, differential pressure is measured and monitored in operating theaters, where pressure ensures that the theater stays free of foreign particles, or in isolation rooms, where vacuum ensures that no viruses can leave the contaminated room.

Humidity and temperature measurement is also an important issue in medicine. Most medicines are sensitive to changes in humidity and temperature, meaning these parameters are monitored continuously to ensure constant quality and efficacy.

Incubators, refrigerators and freezers are used in blood and tissue banks, forensic medicine, in-vitro fertilization and hospitals. To ensure their contents are kept safe from the smallest variations in climate, their temperatures are also measured and monitored permanently. The number of times the door is opened is also registered.

This ensures that GxP regulations are met.


Blood and tissue banks

The temperature of blood products should be registered at least every four hours and stay within their storage and transport limits.

Forensic medicine

Only under defined climatic conditions important evidence can be kept in an uncontaminated and perfect state as necessary if it is to serve as incontestable proof.

In-vitro Fertilization

For artificial insemination, specialist providers of in-vitro fertilization need to handle egg cells, sperm cells and embryos very carefully.


In hospitals, measurement solutions are used for a wide variety of applications such as hospital pharmacies, laboratories or operating theatres.


Important Parameters



Differential pressure



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