If there is too much moisture or humidity in plastic granules prior to injection molding, this can result in porous surfaces and other imperfections.

Spot checks with insertion probes and handheld instruments on delivery from the supplier or shortly before processing can prevent such quality problems.

Important parameters





  1. HC2-HP28 / HC2-HP50

    The insertion probe is suitable for measurement in bulk materials, bricks, concrete, etc. It measures humidity and temperature and calculates the dew/frost point.

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  2. HC2A-S - Humidity Probe

    The HC2-S / HC2-S3 is the most versatile probe from ROTRONIC and forms the basis of the product portfolio. It measures humidy and temperature and calculates the dew/frost point. Learn More
  3. HygroFlex1 - HF1 - inexpensive HVAC transmitter

    Inexpensive HVAC transmitters for relative humidity and temperature. Learn More
  4. HygroFlex5 - HF5 - HVAC TRANSMITTER

    The HygroFlex5-series is the latest development in transmitters for humidity, temperature and dew point. One outstanding feature of this innovative product is the possibility to output any psychrometric calculation as an analogue signal. Learn More
  5. HygroPalm - HP32 - versatile handheld instrument for humidity and temperature

    The HygroPalm HP32 is a versatile handheld instrument compatible with all HC2A and HC2 ROTRONIC probes, it is able to perform spot measurements and logging of relative humidity, temperature and psychrometric parameters.

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