MBW 473

Full Color Touch Screen
The system uses a full color active matrix liquid crystal display with an integral touch panel. It has a high contrast ratio and a wide viewing angle for easy readability. Data is displayed in large easy to read fonts. Using the on screen buttons and menus, you can easily configure each line of the display for a variety of humidity, temperature, and pressure parameters that may be viewed in either SI or non-SI units. A simple touch of a button toggles any parameter between numeric or graph format.

Remote Measuring Heads
The measuring heads are separate from the control/display unit for use in chambers and other environments of various humidity/ temperature ranges without the need for external heating of the gas path.

Two types of measuring heads are available:

  • The RP2 dew point measuring head has a two-stage Peltier element in a compact probe format and includes a connection for temperature measurement. It is supplied as standard with a calibrated head mounted temperature probe and an extension cable to enable optimum placement in working volumes. The RP2 is suitable for direct insertion into applications with moving air such as relative humidity generators, climatic chambers, manufacturing processes and air ducts.
  • The SH2 is a flow-through dew point measuring head with a two-stage Peltier element for mirror temperature control. It includes a variable speed fan that pulls a consistent airflow across the mirror. Alternatively, with the fan removed, the SH2 head can also connect to applications using tubing and standard 6 mm or ¼” fittings. It is also supplied complete with a calibrated temperature probe with 0.5 m and 3 m cables for connection to either the measuring head or the 473 back panel. Typical SH2 applications include climatic chamber validation, humidity generators, engine test cells and on-site calibration projects.

Digital I/O
The 473 is equipped with an RS-232 digital output for recording or remote readout of the measured and calculated values.

Verifiable Calibration
Easily check the calibration at any time using the built-in Ice Test function, providing instant verification of system integrity.

Reference measurements in climatic test applications, calibration systems, research.

Dewpoint range 473-RP2: -20...+70°C / 473-SH2: -30…70 °C
Measurement head temperature range 473-RP2 / 473-SH2: -20...+80°C
Temperature measurement range 473-RP2 / 473-SH2: -50...+150°C
Thermoelectric mirror cooling 2-stage with typically 50 °C depression at 20 °C ambient
%rh range 473-RP2: 5...100%rh / 473-SH2: 2…100 %rh
Operating temperature 473-RP2 / 473-SH2: ≤ ± 0.1 °C
Dew/Frost Point Accuracy 473-RP2 / 473-SH2: ≤ ± 0.1 °C (-20…70 °C), ± 0.2 °C
Display 5.7” LCD with color touch screen
Power Requirements 100…120 VAC / 200…240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 100 Watt (auto switching)

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