RMS applications

The Rotronic Monitoring System is a modular system of hardware elements and web-based software. It provides maximum flexibility in installation and ensures readily available data. The data loggers record measurements from Rotronic and third-party sensors and transmit them to the secure database.

It stores information and makes it available to users, regardless of whether they access the database via a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.

Medical Cannabis

Climate has a direct impact on the quality of cannabis products - and the interaction of humidity and temperature needs to be balanced especially carefully.

Wine cellars

The process of maturation of the wine bottles and barrels in cellars requires carefully protected climatic conditions.

Cold chains

Pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical products as well as food and feed products are temperature sensitive.

Cold storage

The RMS mini loggers are the perfect solution to monitor your cold storage applications.

Compressed air systems

Monitoring various parameters can help ensure an optimal use of compressed air.

Clean room

Cleanrooms are used in many different industries such as food/feed, pharmaceutical and semiconducter.


Warehouses or holding areas can be GDP and GMP compliant depending on what products are being stored.

Medical & healthcare

Drugs, vaccines, blood and tissues should be stored in specified temperature and relative humidity environments.

Food & Tobacco Industry

In most drying processes it is crucial to to dry to the correct level.

Environmental monitoring

An environmental monitoring system is the process that monitors the quality of the environment.

Data center

The recognized ASHRAE data center guidelines set limits for temperature, relative humidity and dew point. The acceptedt guidelines of ASHRAE temperature

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