Rotronic Monitoring System Bundles

  1. RMS Pharmacy Starter Kit

    RMS Pharmacy Starter Kit

    Pharmacy laws and control of therapeutic products require controlled storage of medicines. For example, insulin and some antibiotic syrups need to be stored in special refrigerators.

    For monitoring of such refrigerators, we offer a special RMS Pharmacy Starter Kit.

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  2. RMS Museum Starter Kit

    RMS Museum Starter Kit

    Climate and light are both factors that influence the preservation of museum exhibits and archive material as they cause damage by accelerating chemical and biological degradation processes. The RMS Museum Starter Kit is perfect for central monitoring of critical parameters.

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  3. RMS Legionella Monitoring Starter Kit

    RMS Legionella Monitoring Starter Kit

    The development of legionella in drinking water lines can be prevented by avoiding stagnations, a temperature range of 25 °C to 55 °C and biofilms on the insides of the pipes. Advance warning of risks can be obtained by logging temperature and flow velocity at critical points in the distribution system and evaluating the data.

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