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ROTRONIC repositions itself

ROTRONIC repositions itself

As from 1 January 2014, the existing group of companies is being restructured. Business will be run partly in the new company, ROTRONIC-SECOMP AG, and also continued as previously in ROTRONIC AG.

The following are the business areas of the two companies:

The newly founded ROTRONIC SECOMP AG will deal with IT accessories, networking technology, leisure electronics and household appliances.

The existing ROTRONIC AG will continue to develop, produce and sell measurement equipment (Measurement Solutions). The “Industry” division, i.e. trading in measurement equipment, 19" systems, UPS solutions and monitoring and safety systems, will also remain with ROTRONIC AG.

With this step, the IT business of ROTRONIC Switzerland will be merged with the German subsidiary company SECOMP and reappear as a new company that operates effectively throughout Europe.

“In the almost 50 years of the company’s history, ROTRONIC has developed into an international group of companies with over 350 employees. New areas of business have steadily been opened up over the course of time. Our many varied fields of activity have become difficult to distinguish now, both for our business partners and for our own employees,” says Michael Taraba, Managing Director of ROTRONIC. “Against this background, it was easy to understand the desire of our owners, the Schroff family, to structure and position the company more clearly in the eyes of our customers,” Michael Taraba explains.

With these changes, the ROTRONIC Group is pursuing clear objectives: a clearly structured product range, well defined areas of responsibility, a uniform appearance in all markets, marketing concepts that suit each target group with strong synergies in the product range and in logistics