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Low dew point probe: reliable measurement of trace moisture.

Low dew point probe: reliable measurement of trace moisture.

Bassersdorf (Switzerland) – The Swiss manufacturers of precision measurement instruments ROTRONIC has launched a new low dew point probe for precise measurement of temperature and low dew point in pressurised environments. The probe and its accessories are pressure resistant up to 100 bar. The measurement range covers -70…85 °C Td /-40…85 °C.


The low dew point probe comes with the latest AirChip4000 technology and can calculate a measurement from the average value of 8,000 single points within a 2-second interval. Together with the HYGROMER® LDP-1 dew point sensor, the HC2-LDP delivers measurements of the highest quality. The stainless steel low dew point probe is compatible with ROTRONIC’s transmitters and handheld instruments such as the HF5, HF8, PF4, HP22 und HP23. In addition, it can be connected with the HW4 software for monitoring and hardware configuration. 

Field of Application
The low dew point probe can be used to measure low dew point temperatures in compressed air systems, refrigeration driers and adsorption driers. ROTRONIC also offers the probe with EX certificate for environments with ATEX requirements.


  • Highly accurate dew point and temperature measurement
  • Withstands pressures up to 100 bar
  • HYGROMER® LDP-1 sensor element
  • Excellent repeatability
  • Trace moisture monitoring at low limits
  • With the latest AirChip4000 measurement technology
  • Compatible with HF5 / HF8 / PF4 transmitters and HP22 / HP23 handhelds
  • Calibration and adjustment with the Rotronic HW4 software

You can find further detailed information about the new low dew point probe at Rotronic at or by telephone at +41 44 838 11 44.