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Responsive and clear: Rotronic's new website

Responsive and clear: Rotronic's new website presents itself in a new, clearly arranged and responsive layout. Originally de-signed in 2011, the website has now been relaunched, again with the help of the Swiss full-service Internet agency INM, a long-standing partner based in Wetzikon.

The new website went live at the end of March and is now “fully responsive”, featuring a fresh and modern “flat design”. Its drop-down navigation structure, powerful search function and icons help users rapidly find what they are looking for.

Alternating sliders quickly draw visitors’ attention to the latest updates from the business divisions active throughout Switzerland (UPS Solutions, 19“ Rack Systems, Power Supplies and Video Surveillance) or from the internationally active Measurement Solutions production division.

The improved URL structure and the ongoing SEO-related enhancements are also benefitting the international Measurement Solutions subsidiaries already integrated in the website. Distributors can be found more quickly thanks to the new country selection function, and one of the next steps will be to integrate the subsidiaries based in the US and Canada.

Questions or comments regarding the new website are welcome and should please be sent to