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Rotronic’s new universal logger - an all-round instrument

Rotronic’s new universal logger - an all-round instrument

Bassersdorf, 22 February 2012 – Parameters such as humidity, temperature, air pressure, light and acceleration are of central importance in order to obtain meaningful measurement results for industrial and scientific applications. The new all in one LOG-HC2, enables users to measure and save all these parameters simultaneously.

The LOG-HC2 is a high quality autonomous and versatile data logger perfectly suited to long-term measurements. The loggers perform various documentation and recording functions in a large number of industries, including transportation, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, mechanical engineering, storage faciliites, environmental and laboratory technology, aviation, research and development and many more applicatons.

The robust LCD data logger can store more than 2,000,000 measured values. Thanks to its powerful lithium polymer rechargeable battery, the LOG-HC2 is ideal for long-term measurements. The easy-to-read four-line liquid crystal display with backlight has four individually configurable views. All data of the autonomous universal logger can be transferred quickly to a PC or laptop via a USB port.

You can find further detailed information on the new universal data logger and all about humidity and temperature measurement at ROTRONIC at or by telephone on +41 44 838 11 44.