"The ROTRONIC Group, with over  200 employees8 subsidiaries 
and an international network of  42 partners, in more than 50 countries,
is ever increasing its international presence to meet the needs of our customers."

Brief Overview  

Rotronic was founded in 1965. It is privately owned, and is managed by the Schroff family. Rotronic is an international manufacturing and trading company offering a wide range of products and solutions for dealers and industrial customers. Its lines of business include products for measuring humidity, temperature, CO2 and differential pressure, solutions in the areas of 19" equipment and uninterrupted power supply for safety systems, and all types of measuring devices.

  • Our manufacturing division develops, produces and distributes solutions for measurement and monitoring of various parameters worldwide.
  • Our trading division offers solutions in the field of 19" equipment as well as for uninterruptible power supply and all types of power supplies and measuring instruments in Switzerland.

The group earns around 70% of its turnover abroad. As a leader in the field of humidity and temperature measurement, the company is also increasingly making a name for itself as one of the strongest players worldwide in the measurement of other parameters. Our eight subsidiaries are located in the main global markets:

www.rotronic.ch   ROTRONIC Headquarter
www.rotronic.de   ROTRONIC Messgeräte GmbH
www.rotronic.fr   ROTRONIC France
www.rotronic.it   ROTRONIC Italia
www.rotronic.co.uk   ROTRONIC Instruments (UK) Ltd.
www.rotronic-usa.com   ROTRONIC Instrument Corp.
www.rotronic.ca   ROTRONIC Canada Inc.
www.rotronic.cn     ROTRONIC China 


Lines of Business 

The international manufacturing division comprises:

Measurement Solutions 
We have long been known for high accuracy in humidity and temperature measurement, not least because we manufacture our products in the highest quality and enhance them continuously. To offer customers maximum flexibility, we are always on the lookout for additional products. Our product portfolio therefore now comprises solutions for:

It includes handheld instruments, transmitters, laboratory solutions as well as data loggers and monitoring systems. The humidity sensors in the Hygromer series, developed by Rotronic, are the clear choice whenever reliable and repeatable humidity and temperature measurement is crucial. Typical applications for our products include the food and pharmaceutical industries, meteorology, print and paper, the agricultural industry, drying processes, ventilation, air conditioning and many other advanced industrial applications.

The trading division distributes the following in Switzerland:

UPS Solutions
A guaranteed uninterrupted power supply is of critical importance for many companies today. With our UPS solutions and diesel emergency-power units, we ensure that your equipment functions perfectly at all times. Our services in this field range from consulting, through service and project management to maintenance and repair.
Our broad range includes high-performance solutions as well as reasonably priced standard products from a wide variety of brands, guaranteeing the perfect solution for your needs.

Cabinet Systems / Electronic Packaging
Perfectly protected, perfectly networked, perfectly advised: we support you from project planning through implementation to after-sales service. Our comprehensive portfolio offers everything you need: industrial, networking and server cabinets, housings, assembly racks and 19“ systems. Our product portfolio includes household trade names such as Schroff, Schäfer, Roline, Conteg, Apra and Cosmotec.

Power Supplies
For many years now, Rotronic has been the Swiss address for mains adapters and components for automation, mechanical engineering and the electronics industry. Our long-standing, successful business relations with our suppliers Elektro-Automatik, TTi, Camtec and Schroff help us to deliver the right power supply for any challenge.