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HW5 PC-Software

Rotronic’s new software generation HW5 replaces the long-time and successful HW4 software. The HW5 will be available as Professional version for free (with no device limitations).

HW5 Professional will have the following functions:

  • NFC interface: The all-new feature of the HW5 will be the possibility to configurate or calibrate the next device generation (e.g. HF5A) over the NFC interface.
  • Downloading log data from the data loggers: the formats .xls, .csv and .log are available for log files. The .xls format can be opened with an editor or Excel. The data can also be exported in other formats.
  • Instrument configuration: Depending on the instrument and probe, the following functions and settings can be changed: assignment and scaling of transmitter outputs, definition of alarm values (only on the device), relay switch points, adjustment and calibration of probes
  • Analysis and calculation tool Psychrometric parameters: All Rotronic instruments measure relative humidity in %RH and temperature in °C/°F. These two values can be used to calculate other psychrometric values such as dew point, mixing ratio, enthalpy and wet bulb temperature. The calculation module in HW5 software uses WMO-verified formulas for these calculations and allows users to define their own parameters (e.g. mixing ratio & temperature) as input values in order to calculate the relative humidity from them. Other advanced options such as dew/frost point differentiation are also included.
  • Statistical functions / PDF report: For many users detailed data, which can be very extensive, is not necessarily of much interest. For them it is merely important that the measured values lie within a certain range. The statistical function and integrated PDF report enable simple and detailed data evaluation for this. It shows the following values: min., max. and mean value (during a defined period or during the time of an alarm), standard deviation, mean kinetic temperature, number of measured values, total time measurements exceeded a certain value.
  • Users and passwords: User names and passwords can be defined and assigned freely. Every user can be granted different rights. Users can be blocked and reactivated again. Users that have been deleted cannot be recreated under the same name.

HW5 Professional with water activity will be the only version of the HW5 which will be charged extra for the additional function of measuring water activity. The additional function will be:

  • Aw measurement: Measuring water activity with the standard AWE and AW-Quick (getting results in typically 4-5min) measurement method.
  • Aw Reports: Creating water activity measuring reports.

Supported operating systems: Windows 10

More Information
Storage Conditions -40…85 °C
Connector Standard Rotronic 7-pin connector
T63 90 s

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