RMS Cloud Solutions

Both the RMS exclusive and public clouds are offered for environmental monitoring and GxP environmental monitoring for regulated companies (FDA CFR 21 Part 11 and EU Annex 11).

Data Security

When purchasing either one of the RMS SaaS solutions, Rotronic works together with the company 4Net. They provide a virtual data centre for the Rotronic Monitoring System server and database. 4Net uses the Interxion data centre. Interxion’s Zurich data centre provides an ultra-secure, known location for storing and processing data in line with Swiss data protection regulations. Like all Interxion data centres, Zurich operates in full accordance with the ITILv3 framework and has ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 certification. Their compliance with the FINMA circular 07/8 is externally audited.

Data security means the data cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons. This is achieved through encryption during data transfer and storage.

Data Center Security

The data center is monitored 24x7 by CCTV and security patrols.

Data Security in RMS

The monitoring system provides encryption of the data during transfer to the data center. This means the data can neither be tapped or manipulated by so-called retry attacks. The security of the stored database in RMS is ensured by the IT structure. The Rotronic Cloud is protected by certified IT data centers. If the database is located in the customer's server center, the customer defines the security infrastructure. Rotronic then offers IT support.

Audit Trail

When a monitoring system is commissioned, it is calibrated and validated. In this way the operator assures his Quality department that the system works correctly. During subsequent operation, all relevant changes must be recorded in full. The audit trail guarantees recording of all changes in the system such as, for example, change in measurement probes, user activities, battery change. This in turn ensures that all events can be tracked at a later date.

Availability of Data Centers

Thanks to the server database and Server Software, very high availability of the data is already implemented in the basic concept of the Rotronic RMS. The data can be viewed without problem from anywhere in the world with all conventional devices. Security is guaranteed by user rights and authentication.

  • 99.999% availability SLA
  • 2N or N+1 configurations for all critical systems
  • 24x7 operation and monitoring

Data Availability

For some manufacturer’s systems, data availability can contradict data security because secure data are difficult to access. The user must authenticate themselves and use secure connections or verified platforms. Nevertheless, the trend is clearly moving towards worldwide data accessibility allowing platform-independent viewing and evaluation.

Data Integrity

Ensuring data integrity means guaranteeing secure transmission and storage. A measured value must not change during transmission because of disruptions or user interaction. Data transmission and storage must therefore be safe from manipulation. This is achieved with all data being sent with CRC checksums and confirmed by the recipient after receipt. Should the data not arrive with the recipient, they are stored intermediately by the logger and can then be transmitted at a later point in time when the connection has been restored. In this way, faulty data communication is recognised and the data stored in the buffer memory are sent again until the transmission has been finished. 

Data Center Resilience and Business Continuity:

  • 24x7 monitoring and alarms for every critical system
  • Connectivity: quadruple-entry fiber from separate carrier main routes and rapidly installed cross connects
  • Power: secured grid supply from two sub-stations from two different power providers, two power feeds for all equipment, each independently equipped with a power supply and generator backup with full load capacity for indefinite running
  • Environment: SLAs on temperature and humidity in line with ASHRAE recommendations, N+1 cooling, sophisticated water and very early smoke detection systems, Inergen® gas fire suppression in line with local regulations and designed for maximum safety and minimum damage
  • Backups saved in a second data centre also located in Switzerland but 80 km away from the main one (see SLA contract).

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