Software for Your Measured Data


We offer various versions of PC software for configuration and data retrieval from Rotronic measuring instruments.

With the more extensive, cloud-based Rotronic Monitoring System (RMS), you benefit from maximum flexibility and outstanding data availability for system solutions and evaluations. The RMS software meets all requirements for server-based monitoring. It is linked to a database that stores all measured data and system activities. It is thus possible to access the data on all popular platforms from anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection. This means the measured data being monitored are always available for evaluation in the central database.

  1. HW4-E-Vx

    HW4-E - Software

    Visualization of multiple loggers and measured values Monitoring (1 instrument at a time), data logger programming, data retrieval, scaling, instrument settings, alarm function, service and configuration tool for ROTRONIC instruments, time synchronization, adjustment and calibration of ROTRONIC probes. No password protection.

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  2. HW4-P


    Free software for visualization, data export and evaluation of measured values.
    A maximum of three instruments can be connected simultaneously.

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  3. HW4-OPC


    Network applications with integration in the customer's own software tools
    All functions of the Professional edition
    Contains an OPC server with which the data can be integrated into the customer's own software

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  4. HW4-P


    Network applications in the pharmaceutical and food industries
    All function of the Standard edition Fulfils the requirements for electronic data records and signatures (21CFR Part 11, Annex 11)
    Grouping of devices, graph overlays, printing of reports

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