Food and Tobacco

A food industry without measurement technology is inconceivable. The measurement of physical parameters such as temperature and relative humidity is essential, both in the receiving inspection of incoming goods, storage, drying and baking processes as well as in the transport of sensitive wares.

Water activity also plays an extremely important role in determining product quality.



The process of maturation of the wine bottles and barrels requires carefully protected climatic conditions.


The production of bakery products requires processing steps in which humidity and temperature play an important role.


Temperature and humidity are important parameters both in natural drying and in the industrial production of dried meat.


For a cheese to develop its desired taste, it must be stored at the right temperature and right relative air humidity.


Climate monitoring is vital in the production of pasta.


Monitoring climatic conditions is important in the manufacturing process of cigarettes or cigars.

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Water activity


Recommended products

  1. HC2A-S - Humidity Probe

    The HC2-S / HC2-S3 is the most versatile probe from ROTRONIC and forms the basis of the product portfolio. It measures humidity and temperature and calculates the dew/frost point. Learn More
  2. HP23-AW-SET-40

    The HygroPalm AW sets are the perfect solution for on-site measurements. They are supplied in a tough, lightweight ABS carry case and include everything needed for measurement and calibration. Learn More
  3. HygroFlex5 - HF5 - HVAC TRANSMITTER

    The HygroFlex5-series is the latest development in transmitters for humidity, temperature and dew point. One outstanding feature of this innovative product is the possibility to output any psychrometric calculation as an analogue signal. Learn More
  4. HygroLab C1 - high-end laboratory device

    ROTRONIC provides a high-end laboratory device – the HygroLab C1 – for water activity measurements with up to four probes. Connect station probes and insertion probes for measuring water activity in cheese, meat, tobacco, building materials, animal feed, pharmaceuticals products and much more. Learn More
  5. TL-CC1 - Cold Chain Temperature Logger

    Quick and easy to use temperature logger for cold chain applications. Learn More