The pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest users of humidity measurement equipment. Most drugs are sensitive to variations in humidity and moisture levels. Their moisture content must therefore be monitored continuously to attain consistent quality and performance. 

Water activity is also an important measurement parameter. It has a direct influence on the growth of micro-organisms and influences the texture, taste and shelf life of a product. Possible applications:

Stability tests

Drugs are tested in "accelerated conditions" in environmental chambers to obtain information on product stability, the integrity of their packaging and therefore shelf life.

Production areas

Production areas are monitored carefully to verify the climatic conditions under which the drugs are manufactured.  

Production machines, driers, tablet presses and coaters 

All sensitive to humidity. Quality control comprises monitoring of the production machines, the ambient air and the equilibrium relative humidity of the final products. 

Clean room environments 

Clean room environments are humidity critical. Monitoring systems for clean room environments are always validated to conform with regulatory requirements. They are therefore supplied by specialized firms. 

Storage facilities and transportation

Pharmaceutical undertakings often require their freight forwarders to record storage and transport conditions and also stipulate the limits of undesirable conditions. 









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  1. RMS - Rotronic Continuous Monitoring System

    High quality standards in production and storage necessitate a comprehensive monitoring system that delivers measured data reliably. The adaptive RMS Rotronic Monitoring System is the perfect solution for a wide range of applications.

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  2. HC2A-S - Humidity Probe

    The HC2-S / HC2-S3 is the most versatile probe from ROTRONIC and forms the basis of the product portfolio. It measures humidity and temperature and calculates the dew/frost point. Learn More
  3. HygroFlex5 - HF5 - HVAC TRANSMITTER

    The HygroFlex5-series is the latest development in transmitters for humidity, temperature and dew point. One outstanding feature of this innovative product is the possibility to output any psychrometric calculation as an analogue signal. Learn More
  4. HygroLab C1 - high-end laboratory device

    ROTRONIC provides a high-end laboratory device – the HygroLab C1 – for water activity measurements with up to four probes. Connect station probes and insertion probes for measuring water activity in cheese, meat, tobacco, building materials, animal feed, pharmaceuticals products and much more. Learn More

    Humidity and temperature data logger. Compact, dependable and inexpensive. Learn More
  6. PF4 - Differential-Pressure Transmitter

    The intelligent transmitter for differential-pressure and temperature measurement. Learn More
  7. TL-CC1 - Cold Chain Temperature Logger

    Quick and easy to use temperature logger for cold chain applications. Learn More