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  1. 02.07.2020

    HygroLab: High-End laboratory analyzer for water activity measurements

    The Rotronic HygroLab is out latest high-end laboratory analyzer for water activity measurements with up to four measurement probe inputs. It enables simultaneous or asynchronous measurement with the tried-and-tested AW Quick function for pharmaceutical products, tobacco, coffee, cosmetics, food and many more.

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  2. 23.06.2020

    Humidity level of 40-60% - Ideal for health

    Using scientific findings as a basis, a global petition asks the World Health Organization (WHO) to prescribe a humidity level of 40-60 %RH to reduce respiratory infections.

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  3. 04.06.2020


    The HP-GTS with sword probe is used for humidity measurement in stacks of paper, cardboard and textiles.

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  4. 05.05.2020

    Real-time monitoring system – developed with the pharmaceutical industry for the pharmaceutical industry

    When customers and developers engage in a lively exchange, third parties also benefit. As was the case with Novartis and the Rotronic Monitoring System.

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  5. 28.04.2020

    Mold prevention in listed church with the Rotronic Monitoring System RMS

    The Protestant-reformed church of Mönchaltdorf is fighting mold of the genus Aspergillus glaucus. The fungus, which decomposes wood, is causing problems, among other things, on the ceiling of the more than 500-year-old building and to its organ. The solution: the RMS Rotronic Monitoring System, which monitors temperature and humidity continuously in order to control the quality of room air and minimize mold growth.

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