PF4/5 Differential-Pressure Transmitter

The new differential pressure transmitters PF4 and PF5 with two different sensor technologies (thermal measuring method in PF4 and diaphragm sensor in PF5) consistently produce perfect measurement results thanks to an integrated ambient pressure sensor. Both sensors are equipped with automatic zero point compensation. In the PF4, this is carried out automatically every 5 ms in the sensor, in the PF5 automatic compensation is performed with the help of an internal valve and programming in the HW4 V3.9.0. Both instruments can also be ordered with a HygroClip2 connection or a B4 connector for PT100. The new color display allows users to display up to 4 lines and a maximum of 3 measured values. All analog outputs, inputs and alarm settings can be changed via the intuitive menu. Thanks to analog and digital communication, both device types can be integrated easily into any monitoring system.


  • Flow or diaphragm differential pressure sensors
  • 1 to 3 analog outputs, 1 analog input
  • Network-compatible (Ethernet)
  • Modbus capable TCP or RTU via RS485
  • Potential-free relay with changeover contacts 

Use cases

  • Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning technology
  • food industry
  • pharmaceutical sector
  • clean rooms
Accuracy ±1 hPa (0…65 °C; 950…1100 hPa) max.
Digital communication Ethernet (TCP) / RS-485 (Modbus RTU)
Sensor type PF4: Flow Sensor / PF5: Diaphragm Sensor
Influence line resistance RTD/resistance 3-wire ±0.05 %FS/Ω
Range of application -5…60 °C / 0…100 %RH, non-condensing
Rated current consumption <300 mA @ 24 VDC
Resolution 0 to 1 V 13 bit, otherwise 16 bit
Measurement range PF4: ±25 Pa / ±50 Pa / ±100 Pa / ±250 Pa / ±500 Pa
PF5: ±25 Pa / ±50 Pa / ±100 Pa / ±250 Pa / ±500 Pa
Pressure resistance PF4: 5 bar, PF5: 0.7 bar
Zero point compensation PF4: Automatic, every 5 ms in the sensor, PF5: Automatic, configurable via HW4
Switch output 1 relay potential-free change-over switch (NC - COM - NO)
Switching capacity 30 VDC/1 A or 35 VAC/1 A
Power supply 18…48 VDC / 16…35 VAC, (galvanically isolated), Optional: Power over Ethernet
Long-term stability PF4: ±0.05 % FSS/year (typ.) / ±0.1 % FSS/year (max.) PF5: ±0.25 % FSS (typ.) per year @ ±250 and ±500 Pa measurement range ±0.3125 % FSS (typ.) per year @ ±100 Pa measurement range ±0.625 % FSS (typ.) per year @ ±50 Pa measurement range ±1.25 % FSS (typ.
Response time t 63 < 1 s, typical
Display type Color TFT display
Electrical connections Screw terminals in housing
Analog outputs Min. 1, max. 3, freely configurable
Min. / max. load voltage / current signal > 1 kΩ/V (voltage output) / < 500 Ω (current output)
Fire protection class Complies UL94-HB
Housing ABS
Mounting Wall Mounting
Evaluation software / Compatibility ROTRONIC HW4 V3.9
Analog input type 0…10 V, input resistance >50 k 0…24 mA, measurement resistance 412.5 Ω
Analog input 1, freely configurable
Analog output type 0...1 V, 0...5 V, 0...10 V, 0...20 mA, 4...20 mA
Analog output accuracy (@ 23 °C) Voltage output: ±1 mV/V Current output: ±20 μA
Ambient pressure dependence PF4: Compensated, PF5: None
Dimensions 129 mm x 72 mm x 45 mm
IP protection class IP65 (without Ethernet) / IP40 (with Ethernet)
Maximum altitude 2000 m ASL
Weight 243 g with display & Ethernet
Working range - pressure 300…1100 hPa
Working range - temperature -5...65 °C

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