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  1. 23.05.2016

    Baking and Humidity

    Most of us have a never ending choice of the most delicious breads, cakes and pastries to please both the palate and the eyes. We have become very used to this diverse range of bread and baked products, yet we know almost nothing about how they come into existence. Learn More
  2. 20.05.2016

    Monitoring in Data Centers

    Over the years there has been a rapid increase in large stand-alone data centers housing computer systems, hosting cloud computing servers and supporting telecommunications equipment. These data centers are crucial entities for every company’s IT operations around the world. Learn More
  3. 22.04.2016

    Indoor Pools and Humidity

    Swimming pools are used for a variety of applications including recreational use for kids and adults, competitive swimming and also therapeutic use for faster recovery from injuries. Pools and humidity can create a caustic environment.

    Unfortunately, the use of an outdoor pool is not possible all year round in most regions of the world. To overcome this issue the British National Swimming Society was among the first in the early 1800′s to introduce man-made indoor pools in London.

    Learn More
  4. 28.01.2016

    Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

    Key factors for energy efficiency in indoor applications are the control of relative humidity (RH) and temperature levels. The question is how to achieve acceptable RH levels in an energy efficient manner. Energy efficient humidity control has a very strong bearing on thermal comfort, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and eventually on the health and performance of occupants in air-conditioned buildings. Learn More
  5. 06.01.2016

    Preserving Historical Archives

    Archives are an accumulation of historical documents collected over the course of the lifetime of an organization. National archives have the role of collecting, cataloguing and securing historical & present day materials within their country. Besides preserving & organizing collections, archivists face the great challenge of deciding which records are assigned a lasting value for research purposes and could contribute to the understanding of a country’s history. Learn More