Dew Point Temperature – FAQ

Dew Point Temperature – FAQ

Dew Point Temperature – Frequently Asked Questions

Read this Rotronic Technical Note and get answers to these common questions about dew point temperature:

  1. What is dew point temperature?
  2. What is frost point?
  3. When should I choose dew point as the parameter I measure?
  4. What are the pros and cons of measuring dew point versus relative humidity?
  5. Does dew point change as the ambient temperature changes?
  6. How does pressure affect dew point measurement?
  7. What are the common technologies for measuring dew point?
  8. Isn’t dew point temperature the same thing as wet bulb temperature?
  9. How do I know which technology is best for my application?
  10. Where can I buy a dew point instrument?

Click here to download the Dew Point Temperature FAQ technical note.

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