Repair Request

Once you have opted for a measurement instrument from ROTRONIC, you will soon discover you are working with sensors that offer a major benefit: long-term stability. Nevertheless, it is still possible that your instrument may need to be
inspected and possibly repaired. In this case you can rely on a fast, high-quality and customer-orientated service from ROTRONIC.

Sometimes, following many years’ of reliable service it is no longer worthwhile to repair an instrument due to the cost. In such cases we will offer you compatible new instruments.

In order to serve all our customers in a reasonable time, we work on a first-come/firstserved basis. Most of our customers keep a stock of spare transmitters and probes that are important to their processes, something we also recommend, particularly for non standard products. We also offer an express repair service for emergency situations. If an instrument cannot be repaired and you do not have a reserve instrument, we will manufacture a compatible instrument in the shortest possible time.

Your benefits:

  • Low costs for repairs
  • Quality workmanship directly from the manufacturer
  • High availability, short downtime

In the ROTRONIC Technical Service Department our specialist technicians can repair, calibrate and update the entire range of humidity and temperature measurement products.

For service enquiries please contact our Service Department directly.

ROTRONIC also offers humidity calibration standards that enable you to calibrate your equipment. "Do It Yourself" Calibration.


Rotronic Instrument Corp.
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Hauppauge New York 11788

Tel. +1 (631) 427-3898 + Menu Option 3


Prior to returning a product for service, you must obtain a Return Authorization Number (RAN). Please note that our receiving department will not accept any product returned to the factory that does not have a RAN clearly marked on the shipping box.

To obtain a RAN, either call +1 (631) 427-3898 + menu option 3 or use the pdf form provided below.

RAN Form

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