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Steriline relies on Rotronic measurement devices

Steriline relies on Rotronic measurement devices

This dynamic company in Como has been manufacturing automatic equipment for the pharmaceutical sector for more than 25 years, relying on Swiss precision.

Steriline products combine basic principles such as reliability and precision. So it is no wonder that the company enjoys an excellent reputation with the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. Among the many solutions that Steriline
has implemented for the pharmaceutical industry, there are a few particularly significant ones – for example, isolators that are used for processes such as quality control and sterility testing, and wherever precise monitoring of various environmental conditions, including temperature and humidity, are fundamentally important. The measurement and control instruments integrated in the isolators are therefore those that ensure that the end results of the processes are compatible with the strict, sector-specific regulations. Repeatability, precision and reliability of the measuring instruments are the basic prerequisites for meeting the required standards.

”Rotronic products are of the highest precision. Process continuity is assured, even during maintenance.”

Enrico Maestri, Steriline, Italy

To ensure the necessary precision when measuring humidity and temperature in the isolators, Rotronic instruments are used. The Swiss specialists in high-technology measurement solutions guarantee highest quality and precision. For instance, all phases of production, which takes place in the company’s own, strictly controlled manufacturing locations, are subject to comprehensive monitoring processes. This is also true of the humidity measurement transducers of the type Rotronic HygroFlex5, combined with HC2-S probes, that Steriline uses. And it’s not only precision that speaks for Rotronic – it’s their perfect customer service, too. Any necessary maintenance work is carried out quickly and with no red tape, ensuring uninterrupted process continuity. Reliability at the highest level, in both products and services, make Rotronic instruments the ideal components for manufacturers of machinery for the pharmaceutical industry. This ensures complete conformity to the strict quality requirements of this sector. That’s why Steriline has for years depended on measuring instruments and technological expertise by Rotronic.