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Colt Data Centers monitored by Rotronic

Colt Data Centers monitored by Rotronic

The cooling of data centers is vital for servers to run smoothly. A task for Rotronic transmitters, which assure reliable control and monitoring, even in harsh conditions. 

Colt Data Centre Services is a data centre operator providing flexible colocation services to customers across Europe and APAC. Colt Data Centre Services was the first data centre provider in Europe to achieve the highest M&O award which is accredited by the the Uptime Institute. The London 3 Colt Data Centre is located just outside London and is the flagship facility for Colt.

The facility provides 12,500 m2 of colocation space for server racking and guarantees Tier 3 performance (meaning that the whole site can be maintained and operated all year and still deliver an uptime of >99.982%).

In a server rack virtually all energy is converted to heat, as such cooling of data centres can be extremely costly and is absolutely critical. Without cooling IT hardware would rapidly overheat. Spikes in heat can cause faster component damage leading to server failures, or servers having to be shut down for maintenance. With virtually every business on the planet having some requirement on the internet unplanned server downtime is hugely costly.

«The company‘s reputation combined with high accuracy of their products made us choose Rotronic.»

Andy Freezer, Colt Data Centre Services, UK

Service Level Agreements with Data Centre providers typically come with hefty fines should such events occur. A large data centre like London 3 requires substantial energy to power the servers. Colt London 3 can deliver 143,000 v of electricity for servers. Indirect adiabatic cooling is used where possible as a highly efficient method in which air is cooled simply through the evaporation of water. Cooling with the introduction of high humidity requires precise control. Colt Data Centre Services take their environmental control systems very seriously.

Refurbished and new modules at their London 3 site are now being controlled and monitored with Rotronic HygroFlex5 and ThermoFlex5 transmitters. Working with Nortek (formally Eaton Williams), Excool and system integrator Intelligent Building Automation Ltd, Colt has updated and installed several new data centre lines to further improve reliability and reduce control costs. Ultimately, improved efficiency and reliability ensures Colt Data Centre Services is providing the most environmentally friendly solution. Previously Colt demonstrated 18% energy reduction through simple improvements to data centre efficiency. This next phase is further driving down energy use and costs through the use of Rotronic instrumentation in the data centre halls and cooling equipment. The reputation of Rotronic combined with high accuracy and low maintenance of our products was a key factor in Colt choosing to use Rotronic in these highly critical applications.