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May 18, 2017 - May 18, 2017

The Future of Food Safety

The Future of Food Safety

Conference: Hygiene and supply chain solutions.

The 2013 horse meat scandal underlined the importance of supply chain transparency and highlighted a growing public demand to know the provenance of the food on their plates. Despite the lessons learned from this incident, food suppliers are still routinely forced to recall products due to mislabeling or contamination, according to the Food Standards Agency. As major food suppliers continue to compete over low prices, consumer safety is placed at greater risk. Examples of poor storage at incorrect temperatures and inadequate hygiene standards greatly increase the threat of foodborne illnesses.  

Join us for the Food Safety Conference in partnership with food safety experts ELAS where leading experts will discuss the latest developments in the industry. Discover the latest innovations in hygienic food storage and transportation, identify the strengths and weaknesses in your organisation’s food safety strategy and learn how to check if your supply chain is delivering secure and sustainable products.

Location: Manchester , United Kingdom