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  1. 12.09.2017

    Differential pressure – explained simply!

    Monitoring differential pressure is important in many production processes and vital in medical facilities including operating theaters. It is also essential  wherever small differ-ences in pressure can have a  significant effect, for example in  cleanrooms for the production of  sensitive electronic components  laboratories as well as applications in research and development; also in the HVAC sector. Rotronic manufactures transmitters with analogue and digital outputs and  cleanroom panels together with a range of accessories for the measurement of differential pressure.

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  2. 01.09.2017

    Climate monitoring in largest archeological museum

    The Laténium in Neuchâtel stores more than half a million artefacts from the Neanderthal era to the Renaissance. The worst enemy of all these ancient relics: variations in air humidity and temperature! The museum, which is not air-conditioned, therefore relies on the RMS Rotronic Monitoring System. It keeps all glass cabinets, exhibition rooms and storage areas under control and allows all data wanted to be retrieved centrally at any time.

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  3. 10.07.2017

    ROTRONIC Realigns Strategy with New International Partner

    Bassersdorf, July 10, 2017 – Rotronic AG, a developer and manufacturer of humidity and temperature measurement solutions headquartered in Switzerland, will be acquired by Process Sensing Technologies (PST), a platform owned by global technology-investment firm Battery Ventures effective July 6, 2017. Together Rotronic and Battery Ventures are laying the foundation for the strategic development of the business. As part of PST, Rotronic will join Battery’s portfolio of process-measurement and analysis companies, and benefit from additional resources that will enable it to grow and innovate in an increasingly competitive international market. Learn More
  4. 01.06.2017

    AFP1: Handy multi-parameter measuring instrument for HVAC applications

    The new AFP1 multi-parameter measuring instrument measures air velocity, humidity and temperature and is ideal for spot measurements in HVAC systems. Thanks to easy operation via a smart phone, it is possible not only to take random measurements, but also to record, export and display data as wanted. Learn More
  5. 28.04.2017

    Rapid temperature measurement with ROTRONIC. How cool is that? The new handheld instruments

    Rotronic has enhanced its temperature measurement device portfolio. With the latest handheld instruments (TP31 series) you can precisely measure surface, liquid and core temperatures conveniently and precisely. With the infrared thermometer with dual lasers and the folding thermometer with its rugged immersion/insertion probe you can meet the requirements of increasing regulation in the food and other industries. With their convenient features and ease of use the new temperature handhelds from Rotronic are suitable for many varied applications.

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