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PF4/5 Update

PF4/5 Update

New differential pressure transmitter series optionally with flow (PF4) or diaphragm sensor technology (PF5)

Based on the PF4 V1, Rotronic has now developed a new PF4/5 series with practical new functions: an integrated ambient pressure sensor and automatic zero point calibration! For differential pressure measurement, you now have a precise and maintenance-free instrument at your disposal at all times, whose settings can be changed easily using the intuitive menu.


  • Possibility to connect an additional humidity and/or temperature probe
  • Three analog outputs for output of all measured parameters
  • Automatic zero point calibration for both sensors
  • On-board ambient pressure for automatic compensation of measurement error
  • New intuitive menu structure
  • Flow or diaphragm sensor available
  • Modbus RTU protocol
  • Integrated relay switch contact