RMS T10-0001

RMS T10-0001

The T10 temperature sensors are NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) thermistors, meaning that the resistance of the NTC decreases with increasing temperature. The T10 temperature sensors are compatible with the RMS-MLOG-T10-868/915 data loggers.

The data logger temperature range is limited to -35…80°C. The RMS temperature portfolio covers a wide range of applications, from the coldest such as liquid nitrogen tanks and cryogenic freezers, refrigerators and cold rooms to hotter ones such as water baths, incubators, ovens and autoclaves.

Certain probes are also designed for specific applications for monitoring legionella within water pipes and monitoring room temperature. It is crucial when setting up your RMS-MLOG-T10-868/915 with the T10 temperature probe to configure the logger accordingly with the software as the characteristic curve of each NTC is stored in the firmware.


  • NTC sensor
  • No influence from the lead
  • High temperature sensitivity


  • Cryotechnology
More Information
Storage Conditions -40…85 °C
Connector Standard Rotronic 7-pin connector
T63 90 s
Cable lengths 2 metres
Sensor type NTC1k
IP protection class IP65
Cable material PTFE
Cable application range -190...+260 °C
Cable diameter 4
Probe head material SS 316
Probe length 50 mm
Probe diameter 6
Sensor application range -196...-90 °C

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