RMS applications

RMS Applications

From Rotronic HW4 to Rotronic RMS:

Rotronic already has a monitoring system based around our HW4 software. Thanks to the RMS-Extension, you can upgrade your monitoring system to the next level! Should you be connected via Ethernet of RS485, you can simply update your software and gain access to the HL-NT's, HF5's, PF4's and CRP5's. RMS offers you that additional flexibility that HW4 couldn't!

Add any digital device:

The RMS-Converter will allow for you to convert any digital signal to integrate the RMS software. What we need from your side, is the protocol and what data you require to be added into RMS. If you already have a complete digital network setup, we can program the converter to move everything to an SQL database and onto the RMS software.

Add any analogue device:

The 4…20mA and 0…10V loggers will allow for you to integrate any existing analogue devices into the RMS. Additionally if you already have RMS setup, you can add 3rd party measurement parameters that Rotronic cannot provide to boost your monitoring overview! The loggers exist in both wireless and wired format.

No need for the RMS software?

All devices have a standard MODBUS TCP output, we'll give you the protocol and you can access the data from your own software!

IT infrastructure:

Whether you already have a solution, or are looking for a solution, Rotronic can offer you a product.

  • A server software for those with an IT infrastructure already in place.
  • A cloud software for all those where no IT infrastructure is setup.
  • An exclusive cloud software for a validated cloud solution. 

Need more, give us a call, we would be happy to help!

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